Volume 2 : Edition 1 May 2019

Past Captains Luncheon and Harvest's 25th Anniversary Celebration


The HLGC was able to locate each of their past Captains to invite them to a 25th anniversary golf and lunch celebration on Thursday April 18th.
There were only 3 of the past captains  who were not able to attend.
While the group did get rained out for the morning golf portion of the event, the 1:00 lunch that Gilles and his team provided was outstanding and enjoyed by everyone.There were a lot of fun stories exchanged, and the two + hour lunch will be memorable for all the Past Captains.  (thanks Jane Dorset)

Celebrations also included

Our owner was here to celebrate Harvest's 25th Anniversary celebration.  A tree overlooked by the newly re-named Masa Grill tree was planted by Masa, his wife and his son.
The opening of the golf game involved a ceremonial tee off.  Masa hit a 1750 club (one of only 10 remaining in Canada) on a leather ball that was teed up by wet dirt.  everyone enjoyed watching this event and it was the same one that was performed 25 years ago.  In attendance was the architect and some of the original contractors, suppliers and longago members and current executive members.

(thanks Trish Beatty for the photos)



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