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8 Toasty Outdoor Seating Areas Have Us Ready for Fall

It’s easy to want to pack it up and move inside when the weather turns cooler. But with a few added comforts, outdoor seating areas can feel extra cozy this time of year. Take a look at eight patios, porches and rooftop decks that warm up with soft blankets, patio heaters, fire features and other elements that help extend the outdoor living season.

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1. Covered Indoor-Outdoor Living Area in Minneapolis Enclosing a porch or patio can be a great way to extend the use of an outdoor room in cold-winter climates. This enclosed lounge area in Minneapolis feels like an outdoor room — it’s one step down from the house and is furnished like a luxe patio — but it can be used year round. What could be more cozy than sitting by the roaring fire and watching the rain or snow fall outside?

2. Blankets at the Ready in Illinois Adding warmth to your 8 Toasty Outdoor Seating Areas Have Us Ready for Fall Fire pits, outdoor heaters, blankets, pillows and more warm up outdoor spaces for a cooler season. Outdoor seating area can be as easy as bringing out blankets from the house. For this house in Evanston, near Chicago, patterned quilts draped over the backs of outdoor dining chairs bring a hit of color and warmth, tempting guests to linger past sunset.

3. Heated Roof Deck in Seattle This Seattle rooftop is designed to be extra inviting at twilight, as glowing lanterns dot the perimeter and an outdoor heater casts radiant warmth. Guests enjoy the view of the sunset behind the Space Needle. Freestanding patio heaters typically run from $125 to $250 and can warm up a patio area of 115 square feet. One heater is enough for a smaller patio; two heaters would cover a larger outdoor lounge. See patio heaters

4. This cozy fire pit and bench seating area sits in a shared outdoor space for residents of a bungalow complex. One could only imagine that the inviting area would help foster community among residents. If you live in an apartment building with a shared outdoor area, or in a home that is governed by a homeowners association, it could be worth suggesting a communal outdoor heating element. Portable fire pits, like this one by Modfire, are often less-expensive than large fire features and can be less-contentious additions to shared spaces, as they can easily be removed. Choose a model that’s gasburning for a nonpolluting option. Place the fire feature in an area that is fire-safe, on a spark-proof floor material and away from structures or any potentially flammable plants.

5. Suntrap in Tucson A southwest-facing terrace is not just a great spot for watching the sunset, it’s also oriented to provide maximum evening light and warmth. This Moroccan-style courtyard outside a home in Tucson, Arizona, acts as a shady spot during the heat of the day and a suntrap in the evening. With rich-colored pillows and the flicker of nearby candles, the seating area invites you to spend an evening appreciating the last rays of sunshine and cooler temperatures of fall.

6. Outdoor Fire Lounge in Orange County A fire feature adds a focal point to an outdoor seating area in Southern California and when lit, it increases evening coziness as the weather cools down. Look for smoke-free models that run on natural gas for a cleaner alternative to wood. If you’re using a fire feature as a piece of furniture as well as for warmth, choose one with a rim that’s 6 inches or wider and can double as a place to rest a glass, a small plate or a narrow tray.

7. Heated Seating in San Francisco It turns out that “being in the hot seat” is the prime spot for this San Francisco patio. The cast stone and steel bench plugs into an outdoor outlet and offers gentle radiant heat to anyone sitting on it. The heated bench helps extend time spent outdoors on a cool fall evening or when the fog rolls in. Bench: Helios Lounge, Galanter and Jones Lauren Edith Andersen, Photographer 10/2/2018

8. Cozy Courtyard in London Cushy seats, warm throws and soft lighting help this courtyard in North London feel like a cozy retreat. The metal paneling behind the seating area can be lit from behind, with light casting a patchwork glow along the exterior brick wall that encloses the courtyard. Tell us: What have you done to make your outdoor seating area more cozy this fall? Share your ideas and photos in the Comments.

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