Harvest Ladies BirdieBlast :
Edition 1 Volume 6 : OCTOBER 2018

In the month of August and early September we played our last three interclub matches. On August 1 Talking Rock came to the Harvest. We had an intimate group of 8 ladies. The smoke was very thick that day but we managed to complete the round. Despite being our home course Talking Rock walked away with a 1 point lead. On August 23 we played at Talking Rock. The four of us went up a day early and played a practice round. Despite the practice we were not able to pull off the win. Talking Rock won the overall match by 3 points. A very tight match, Donna and Marian are to be congratulated for their excellent play. On August 9th we played Predator at the Harvest. We had 10 eager ladies on both teams. The Harvest ladies walked away with a convincing lead of 14 points. But, as we all know the Predator course is difficult so we certainly weren't taking anything for granted. As always the Predator course was a treat to play and we played it well! Our 14 point lead gave us the cushion we needed and we walked away with a victory 93.5 Harvest - 86.5 Predator On August 30 the Salmon Arm Ladies came to the Harvest. We had six ladies from each club. The Salmon Arm ladies are a very friendly bunch and we always have fun playing them. We performed well at our own club with each of our teams winning their home match. We secured a 9 point lead. But once again we knew that the Salmon Arm course is beautiful but tough! On September 5 we had a beautiful day to travel up to Salmon Arm. Although the Salmon Arm ladies won the match at their own course 29 to 25 they were not able to overcome our 9 point lead so Harvest ended up winning the match 56.5 to 51.5. Well done ladies! Of the six matches we played Team Harvest won 5 of them. Overall a very successful year. Thank you ladies for your team spirit, your flexibility and your commitment to our team. I look forward to the 2019 season (and a different coloured shirt). Catherine Buchanan

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