Volume 2 : Edition 3 July 2019
Harvest Ladies Interclub News

We are well into our interclub season. We've completed 2 matches and half of the 3rd. Unfortunately we are not having the explosive start we had last year. We started our season with the Vernon club. Vernon ladies could only field a team of 4 so we had a small, intimate group. We held our own at the Harvest going into Vernon with a slight 1 point lead. We went to Vernon on a beautiful sunny day and enjoyed the company, which of course is code for we lost - Vernon 39.5 and Harvest 32.5. Our next match was against Gallagher's canyon. We fielded a team of 8 ladies. The first half of the match was played at Harvest on a warm sunny day. We managed to squeak out a 1 point lead at the Harvest. At Gallagher's we braved the torrential rain and it came down to the wire! I have to congradulate all the ladies who stuck it out in the severe conditions. In the end we lost by a single point, so the trophy returns to Gallagher's Canyon. We have played half of the Okanagan club match. Last Thursday we played at the Quail with a mixture of sun, rain and thunderstorms. Many of us agree that the Quail is a difficult course and we don't love it. That too is code for we lost! Unfortunately we have a lot of work to do coming home but one of the Quail ladies mistakingly said "That's hard to recover from" so ladies, games on! Interclub is a wonderful way to build club spirit and meet new ladies. Thank you team Harvest!



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