Harvest Ladies BirdieBlast :
Edition 1 Volume 5 : SEPTEMBER 2018

You never know when that prize winning photo op is going to happen! The first day I golfed in my new, white golf shoes, the rain started when I was about to tee off on the 5th hole. Fair weather sport that I am, I quickly started to head back to the club house when this scene appeared. See the The golden eagle is selecting his dinner from the Duck Family. Fortunately I was able to scare him off, so on that day anyway, they all went home safely! We are always looking for newsletter photography. We have Lynne Godfrey who has kindly offered to help us in this regard with our high quality photo shoots and of course Kathy Krasnov has been helping us take the new member photos so there is some consistentcy in the presentation. The photo contest is designed to give us some ad hoc shots. Here are some examples of recent encounters on the course. Lynne Godfrey has kindly offered to curate the photos for us, so your entries can be sent directly to her Email: godlynne@gmail.com Entries will be accepted until September 15, 2018. When you are sending your photos to Lynne be sure you specify which of the following four categories you want to enter:

1. Wildlife , 2. Landscape, 3. Spontaneous, 4. People

Winners will be announced at the closing banquet in the fall.

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