Harvest Ladies BirdieBlast :
Edition 1 Volume 6: 0CTOBER 2018


Florence Bortoluzzi

Florence has had a successful career in real estate in Toronto for 25 years with over 90% of her business being repeat and referral based. Her raison d'être was to provide the highest level of customer service and to create lasting relationships. She distinguished herself within the real estate community and the proof of her success is the large size of her client base, several of whom are intergenerational with 3 generation families.

Staying in touch regularly was the cornerstone of my business, I implemented a 33-touch system and I was always looking for value added services to supplement my level of service. I enjoyed hosting client events, the most successful was a 4-hour cruise on Lake Ontario, complete with entertainment, clowns for the kids, and some big prizes like: bikes and flat screen tv’s.
Robert, my husband, joined me in the business for the last 10 years, it was a wonderful decade of collaboration and achievement, even opening our own office.
We visited Kelowna on a snowboard trip in 2003 and fell in love with this magical place.
A few more visits for golf holidays and we knew this was where we would move when we retooled our lives, (I dislike retire, feels like you are no longer useful) and how, untrue have we all proven that to be!
Kelowna offers us such a rich lifestyle with the scenery, outdoor activities, cultural events, the wineries and the like-minded people that are drawn here; it has been so easy to make friends which truly enrich our lives.
Since moving to Kelowna, I have become: certified as a Professional Life and Business Coach, built our home, joined the Board of Project Literacy, became involved with the HLGC Executive, and am now taking piano lessons, first time ever!

"In my Coaching practice, I am able to provide a uniquely organic process to select clients, helping them gain clarity and purpose in their lives, thus, I have named my business Mapit Coaching." Creating a Life Plan and roadmap to follow are essential in today’s complex world, for no matter what type of work you do or the stage of life you are in, people are overwhelmed by daily demands and are often stuck from achieving goals and even having a healthy live/work balance.  My clients range from realtors (naturally), martial arts school owners, psychologists, teachers, small business operators, and people experiencing life transitions like career changes and divorce. 
I love helping people self-discover meaning and joy in their lives by raising their conscious awareness, acknowledging that our choices determine our future, and living life with purpose and intention.
My motto is Everyone Deserves a Coach.

Shortly after arriving in Kelowna, we began searching for our home, and after a few months decided we would build one. Why not? We had the time and the background, Rob was an engineer and master electrician, and my dad was a builder, coupled with our real estate background.  We are very proud to say that we broke ground and moved into our home in exactly 6 months and 1 week. That is practically a record for a custom-built home and has won us the Tommy Award! A recognition from the Home Builders Association awarded each year and differentiated into price ranges.  We are quite proud of our little award! (it looks just like an Oscar award)

Other than golf, I enjoy snowboarding, and the beauty of living here is you get to pick the days you go on the slopes. There is nothing like hit the slopes at Big White, early in the morning, hearing your board carve through the snow and you’re essentially the only person on that run. Wow that is exhilarating and tranquil at the same time.
I was unable to ski for two years as I had back surgery but was thrilled to get back out there last year and looking forward to being out there again this winter.

Upon moving to Kelowna, I knew we would join a golf course, and the Harvest was an easy decision for us.  It has vistas that you never tire of, wonderful staff who always make you feel valued, an enviable practice facility. The course is walkable and best of all there is an amazing Ladies Group.  A league that continues to grow, due to the vision of Jane Dorset who three years ago asked me to launch an Ambassador Program to help new members, feel included and welcomed.  In our first year I created a New Members Handbook, a useful reference tool for new members.  Since its inception, with the help of a dozen volunteer Ambassadors, and Trish Beatty’s amazing stewardship, the program has improved the overall experience for the new and not so new ladies of the group. It has increased member retention as well as doubled the size of the group since it was initiated 3 seasons ago.  This program, together with the amazing efforts of the Executive, have contributed to the establishment of a wonderful culture of friendship and fun.
We are a diverse group of ladies, all with interesting backgrounds and stories, all active, and I am loving getting to know each of them with each round of play!
Whether working or playing, I love to contribute to people’s experiences.
I enjoy helping others whether it is chairing a HOPE Committee (Helping Other People in Emergencies), training and mentoring other realtors, being active on the Board of Project Literacy in Kelowna, volunteering at fundraising events, Coaching and cooking for friends and family. This is my language of love!

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